Commodities Trading

Commodities Trading with TRADE111

Previously, only the world’s largest financial institutions were allowed to trade in commodities. On the other hand, regular investors, individuals or groups, had to use them as intermediaries to gain access to the market and had to pay substantial fees for transactions. Moreover, investors barely ever got complete access to their portfolios, being kept in the dark.

TRADE111 offers the capacity to trade a wide range of commodities, for instance, agricultural commodities, such as Wheat, Sugar, and Coffee. Today’s commodity markets focus more on the prices of energy and precious metals. The price of crude oil is crucial to many aspects of the global economy, having impact on all levels from individuals to companies and governments. Maybe more conspicuous in the present ware exchanging range are the costs of vitality and valuable metals. Also, for a long time gold prices have been an indicator of the invertors’ trust in the global economic environment.

When there is turbulence on the financial markets, usually investors look to secure their funds in stable assets, like gold. Being accepted across the world as a valuable metal, gold gives the notion of security compared to any country’s ability to maintain the value of its currency.

TRADE111 provides the opportunity for trading over different markets simultaneously, and within one portfolio. Our analysts will provide you with the information necessary for your to achieve success and good results from your investment.

Key elements

• You can trade commodities on both the MT5

• You can use commodities such as metals in your Expert Advisor strategies

• We have a broad range of research tools to help you in your trading decisions

• Tight Spreads equal Great Trading Opportunities

TRADE111, together with the best global banking institutions gives you the most competitive prices; enjoy tight spreads and NO fees and commissions

• Chart trading

For your convenience, you can use visualized market activities, place orders and open positions, all directly from charts! The best way of trading for novices.

• Generous leverage

Use leverage for trading Gold, Silver or Oil (up to 100:1)

• Support in English around the clock – we speak your language. Contact a support expert and we will help you make your first trade.

• No Re-quotes:

We offer on all energy products – no wasted money on re-quotes with our prompt trade execution.

• Hedging Capacity
Go long or short oil from the same account.