Precious Metals Trading

Mining the wealth of metals

The value of precious metals like Silver and Gold stems from the fact that there is only so much around and that there is and always will be a demand, this has kept the price of precious metals on the rise for the last couple of centuries and made sure that they have always commanded much higher prices than common industrial metals. Precious Metals are one of the few investments that continue to survive and thrive in times of economic uncertainty.

We have a range of accounts for spot gold and silver trading on the renowned MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Key elements

You can trade gold and silver on both the MT5

You can use precious metals in your Expert Advisor strategies

We have a broad range of research tools to help you in your trading decisions

• Tight Spreads equal Great Trading Opportunities

TRADE111, together with the best global banking institutions gives you the most competitive prices; enjoy tight spreads and NO fees and commissions

• Chart trading

For your convenience, you can use visualized market activities, place orders and open positions, all directly from charts! The best way of trading for novices.

• Generous leverage

Use leverage for trading Gold and Silver (up to 100:1)

• Support in English around the clock – we speak your language. Contact a support expert and we will help you make your first trade.

• No Re-quotes:

We offer on all energy products – no wasted money on re-quotes with our prompt trade execution.

• Hedging Capacity

Go long or short oil from the same account.