Trading CFDs

  • Allows unlimited high-frequency trading (scalping)

All traders are welcome to Trade111, including scalpers. Our ECN platform allows you to close a CFD position within seconds after opening.

  • Trade commodities, CFD's and forex from all over the world with a single trading platform.

In former times, only institutional brokers had the right to trade commodities like gold, oil, and silver, Nowadays, Trade111’s advanced platform allows for direct online CFD trading. You only need to find the symbol of the commodity you are interested in, and trade the CFD for this commodity. Banks no longer hold the monopoly on trading precious metals and commodities, and no multiple platforms are required.

  • No limits on order placements, stop loss and profit taking (provided that the requested rate is not within the spread).

You can use stop loss orders to protect your position - it will be triggered when the CFD reaches the price you set. The stop loss order for CFD trading provides security and saves you stress. Likewise, you can set profit taking orders, so you will not have to watch the monitor constantly. This will make sure that you will take the profit when the CFD hits the levels you set. All types of orders can be put in the system without any limitations.

  • Leverage for up to 100:1, much lower trading costs than actually buying the assets.

Buying the actual asset from the commodities market can be extremely expensive, costing hundreds of thousands of US dollars. Trade111 provides leverage of 1:100, giving you the opportunity to trade assets without buying large s. As a result, CFD trading dramatically reduces trading costs.

  • Profit from the smallest market movements.

Unlike currencies, which are traded in pips (1:10000), commodities are traded in points (USD). Therefore, a small change in a CFD's price might result in great profit.

  • Short sell on Assets you normally couldn't.

Gain even when an Asset falls! With Trade111's advanced platform, you can open a short sell position and profit even when the CFD is dropping.

  • Low spreads

Low spreads have a high impact on your balance with any kind of trading, including CFD trading. Trade111 offers the lowest spreads to assure that you will have the closest experience to the real assets market.